At WRC Safety and Risk we commit ourselves to providing you the best possible presentation. To give your organization exactly what you are looking for we tailor our seminars to fit your specific needs. Below is a brief overview of our available topics.



  • Safety and the Services
  • ♦ OSHA Hot Topics
  • ♦ Health and Safety Management System Overview
  • ♦ Improving Training by Utilizing Adult Learning Principles
  • ♦ Travel Safety
  • ♦ Stepping Away From the Podium: Alternatives to Lecture
  • ♦ Style Safety Training
  • ♦ Comprehensive Emergency Management
  • ♦ Ergonomic Training for Ergonomic Team Members

William "Bob" Coffey is an experienced speaker on the local, regional and national levels and has presented for such groups as the American Society of Safety Engineers National Conference, American Industrial Hygiene Conference and Expo, Alaska's Governor;s Safety Conference, Mid-Atlantic Safety and Loss Expo, ASSE Professional Development Conference as well as many more.

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